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記事の内容は、the New York TimesやBBCなどのいわゆる高級紙と言われる新聞からは、日本について書かれているけれども日本のマスコミで報道されている内容とは違うイメージの記事を紹介したりする一方で、日本を訪れた外国人が日本について書いたブログなどの軽い読み物も掲載していきます。



Podcast, Women Founders disrupting JAPAN

Technology develops differently in Japan.

While US tech giants have been grabbing artificial intelligence headlines, a business AI sector has been quietly maturing in Japan, and it is now making inroads into America.

Today we sit down again with Miku Hirano, CEO of Cinnamon, and we talk about how exactly this happened.

Interestingly, Cinnamon did not start out as an AI company. In fact, when Miku first came on the show, the company had just launched an innovative video-sharing service. Today, we talk about what lead to the pivot to AI and why even a great idea and a great team is no guarantee of success.

We also talk about some of the changing attitudes towards startups and women in Japan, the kinds of business practices AI will never change, and Miku give some practical advice for startups going into foreign markets.

It’s a great discussion, and I think you will really enjoy it.




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