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To maintain Dela Cruz Co., Ltd.'s edge over our competitors, delivering high-quality service is our priority.  This mission resounds from our receptionist who greets guests with a friendly smile to the teacher who strives to always deliver excellent lessons.

Over 90% 

satisfied with DCEC LESSONS

More than 95%

DCEC TEACHERS are excellent!


satisfaction with  DCEC STAFF support 

Partying in December DCEC

Christmas Bonenkai

Enjoying the sun with DCEC

BBQ Party

Get to know DCEC
Oktoberfest DCEC
Eating ou with DCEC
Diversity in DCEC parties

Open House

Filipino Restaurant


Staff Picnic Party

Get scared in DCEC
Beat the heat with DCEC

Summer Festival


Learning is fun in DCEC!

Speaking and listening are both critical to the success of learning a language.  So, we incorporate interesting activities to supplement the exercises that we do inside the classrooms.  DCEC's lessons extend outside our walls and our learners (including staff members) appreciate those fun times.

DCEC Teachers
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