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What's the meaning of the word?

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September 27, 2020 vol.848

Considering Marriage

Characters:     C - Chan;     M - Masami

A GV and a learner in class talking about marriage

C:  In your opinion, why do a lot of young Japanese couples choose
     to not get married anymore?
M: According to statistics, the leading factors are finance and career.
     And I agree. Personally, those factors are important to me.
C:  So that’s why cohabitation is getting more common.
M: You’re right. Many couples live together and don’t get married.
     Cohabitation is more convenient because of financial and career issues.
C:  In many countries, those factors aren’t really that much of a big deal.
M: Why not?
C:  Well, they can just get a prenup.
M: A prenup? What is that?
C:  Prenup is short for “prenuptial agreement”. A prenuptial agreement,
     sometimes called  an antenuptial agreement, or premarital agreement,
     is a contract entered into by a couple prior to marriage.
M: What is it for?
C:  This contract enables the couple to select and control the legal rights
     they acquire upon marrying, and what happens if their marriage
     eventually ends, whether it be because of death or divorce.
M:  I still can’t wrap my head around it. How does it work?
C:  For example, in a normal marriage, if the couple decides to have
     a divorce, all the properties acquired will be divided between
     the two of them. But, with a prenup, the man’s property will be his,
     and the woman’s property will be hers.
M: Oh! I think that’s a wonderful idea! I might just consider getting
     married if we can have a prenup here in Japan!
(Chan and Masami laugh)


in one’s opinion...         ~の考えでは
couples             カップル、恋人
statistics            統計資料、統計データ
leading              主要な、主な
factors               要因
cohabitation           同棲
a big deal             重大事、大事なこと
prenup (prenuptial agreement,  婚前契約書、結婚前の同意書
antenuptial agreement, premarital agreement) 
enter into           (契約を)結ぶ
prior               事前の、前もっての
enable              ~を可能にする
legal rights            法的権利
acquire              手に入れる、獲得する
divorce              離婚
can’t wrap one’s head around something  ~について理解できない
consider              考慮する、検討する

●Comprehension Questions

What are the reasons why young Japanese couples choose to not get married?
 a. Wealthy and fame
 b. Looks and personality
 c. Finance and career
 d. Job security and vacation time

According to the dialogue, what is cohabitation?
 a. It’s when couples live together but not get married
 b. It’s when animals live together in harmony
 c. It’s when people work together towards peace
 d. It’s the process when liquid blood turns into solid

What is a prenup?
 a. A prenup is a new wedding style that is enjoyed by younger couples
 b. A prenup is a contract entered into by a couple prior to marriage
 c. A prenup is a church that lets couple get married without payment
 d. A prenup is a contract entered into by a couple after marriage

According to Chan, how does a prenup work?
 a. If the couple decides to have a divorce, their one child could go to the man
     and the other will go to the woman
 b. If the couple decides to have a divorce, they cannot separate with each other
 c. If the couple decides to have a divorce, the man’s property will be his, and
    the woman’s property will be hers
 d. If the couple decides to have a divorce, all the properties acquired will be
    divided between the two of them


C-チャン M-マサミ


C:  君の考えでは、どうして多くの若い日本人カップルは
M: 統計データによると主な要因は経済と職業だそう。
C:  だから同棲がより一般的になっているわけだね。
M: その通り。多くのカップルが一緒に住んでいても結婚しない。
C:  多くの国では、そうした要素はそんなに大したことじゃないよ。
M: どうして?
C:  プレナップを交わせばいいんだ。
M: プレナップ?何それ?
C:  プレナップは「prenuptial agreement=婚前契約書」の略だよ。
   時々「antenuptial agreement」とか「premarital agreement」って、
M: それは何のためなの?
C:  この契約書によってカップルは結婚するときに得られる権利を選択
M: まだよく理解できないわ。それはどう機能するの?
C:  たとえば、通常の結婚ではカップルが離婚すると決めたら、得られた財産は
M: へー!それはすばらしいアイデアね!日本にもしプレナップがあれば

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