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In Dela Cruz English Club (DCEC), we pride ourselves for providing exceptional service and high-value lessons. Since our learners' needs always come first, we are hereby launching a series of videos to improve English listening skills. The topics are from our very own Mail Magazine which you have grown to love.

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What's the meaning of the word?

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January 19, 2020 vol.815

Wheel Power

Characters:     C - Chan;     E - Eiichiro

A GV and a learner in class talking about wheels...

C: A lot of new cars are becoming famous. There are hybrid cars, electric cars, and even self-driving      

E: I want to drive hybrid cars because they are fuel-efficient and cost-effective.
C: That’s correct! In some countries, you even receive tax credits for them.
E: Exactly! The car is a really useful invention. By the way, who invented it?
C: There is an argument to be made for that, but I would say it is Karl Benz from Germany. But if you ask

    me, the wheel is an even more amazing invention that was utilized in many ways.
E: Ohhh. Who invented the wheel?
C: Well, according to history, the wheel was invented in the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia around

    3,500 B.C.
E: Wow! That’s a very long time ago. Did they have cars back then?
C: Not really. They first used it as a tool for potters called a potter’s wheel. Three hundred years later, the

    chariot, which I would say is the earliest form of a car, was invented.
E: They had to wait for a very long time to have a more convenient mode of transportation.
C: That’s true. Nevertheless, the invention of the wheel led to many other inventions and innovations. It brought progress, fortune, and power to the civilization that used them.
E: Now that’s what I call wheel power!


hybrid cars                ハイブリット車
self-driving cars          自動運転車
fuel-efficient       燃費の良い、低燃費の
cost-efficient             費用(コスト)効率の高い
tax credits                税額控除
argument                   議論
Karl Benz                  カール・ベンツ
Mesopotamia        メソポタミア
utilized          利用される、使われる
tool                       道具
potter’s wheel            ろくろ
chariots                   (古代の)一人乗り二輪馬車
mode of transportation     交通手段
nevertheless               それにもかかわらず、それでもなお
inventions                 発明品、考案
innovations                新しいもの(アイデア)

●Comprehension and Reflection Questions

1. What are some advantages of hybrid cars?
   a) They’re fast and easy to maneuver.
   b) They look beautiful, stylish, and luxurious.
   c) They’re fuel-efficient, cost-effective and you can also get tax credits.
   d) They’re very popular with the younger generation.

2. In the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia, what did they first use the wheel for?
   a) It was used as a potter’s wheel.
   b) It was used for bicycles.
   c) It was used for chariots.
   d) It was used as a hat.

3. What did the wheel bring to the civilization that used it?
   a) Love, friendship, and unity
   b) Happiness and joy
   c) Progress, fortune, and power
   d) Drama and excitement

■Wheel Power

登場人物:     C - チャン    E - エイイチロウ


C: 多くの新しい車が有名になってきているよね。ハイブリッド車、電気自動車、それに自動運転車。
E: 僕はハイブリッド車を運転したいな、だって低燃費だし費用効率が高いからね。
C: その通り!国によっては税額控除を受けられるところもあるんだよ。
E: そうそう!車って本当に役に立つ発明だよね。ところで誰が発明したの?
C: それには論争があるんだけど、僕はドイツのカール・ベンツだと思う。でも、僕に言わせれば車輪

E: お~。誰が車輪を発明したの?
C: ええっと、歴史によると紀元前3,500年くらいに古代メソポタミア文明で発明されたんだって。
E: ワオ、それは大昔だ。その時車はあったの?
C: そのものはないよ。最初は陶工の道具として使われ陶工の車輪と言われたんだ。300年後最初の車の

E: もっと快適な輸送手段はさらに長い間待たなければならなかったんだ。
C: 本当だね。とはいっても、車輪の発明は多くのほかの発明と革新につながったね。

E: それこそが、車輪の力/ウィルパワー(意思の力)だよ。

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