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Our Method

At Dela Cruz English Club (DCEC), our primary aim is for our learners to “Speak in English” rather than to study the language structure and to achieve perfect grammar. In order to attain this, we employ an innovative approach, a process based on how children acquire words. 

The DCEC method is similar to how children begin to speak or utter words or phrases.  They do this by mimicking what their parents say. With this conversational technique, our competent instructors strive to build our learners’ vocabulary and focus on speaking and listening skills. 

Grammatical and spelling mistakes are common for beginners, so language learners are encouraged not to be disheartened.  Gradually, the learner gains confidence and fast tracks his/her English communication skills to a level he/she desires.

Our Classes




Client Traits

More than 98% of our clients are adults

Primary reason is to use English in their business

Majority of our clients are long-term learners

Company clients come from different industries

Most of our clients have traveled overseas

DCEC Teachers
DCEC Service
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