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Dela Cruz English Club (DCEC) is an English school that has already gained an excellent reputation in providing conversational and business English lessons for more than fifteen years to individuals and corporations in Japan.

Dela Cruz English Club students acquire English physically by using the right side of their brain.  By using this hemisphere, learners get accustomed to use the language in a natural manner.  The method utilizes conversational approach, with real situations, that has been proven to be an effective way to teach and learn English.

Instructors at Dela Cruz English Club are not only educators but are also business-minded people, scientists, researchers, students, designers, artists and your friends with one common passion: teaching.  We exert our best efforts to assist our learners in achieving their objectives in learning English and are committed to our students’ welfare.

For years, Dela Cruz English Club has been committed to teaching English through an innovative approach and providing high-quality service to our clientele.  At Dela Cruz, our aim is our learners’ aim; our goal is our learners’ needs.  These targets are realized by adhering to sincerity, fairness and integrity.

Why Dela Cruz English Club

We receive our learners with a smile and friendliness at all times.

We provide an enjoyable place for both our students and employees.

We always work in pleasant manners.

We aim at Win-Win outcomes.

We stick to fairness, sincerity and righteousness.

With our best efforts,

we make Dela Cruz English Club the best place for everyone.


Why do our learners find our lessons interesting?

Because of Dela Cruz English Club's teacher diversity, our learners get to see another perspective on things.

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