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Luxury Honeymoon destinations in Asia are bountiful. The continent offers dramatic scenery, its bursting with history and the hospitality is top notch. Since Asia is so large and diverse, I broke down categories by country, and I couldn’t cover them all, so I just picked a handful of top rated places. It would take me a lifetime to visit every place, so I enlisted the help of other travel writers for their top picks.


Kandolhu Island Resort モルジブ

Kandolhu Island Resort is a 5 star luxury resort located on a small island in the Maldives. Maldives is a dream for many looking at honeymoon destinations in Asia, and Kandolhu has everything made of dreams. At this island, you get the feeling of being isolated on an island in the middle of nowhere, but still having all luxury one could imagine.

The overwater bungalow villas comes with a pool, your own staircase to the ocean, as well as a bathtub with a view. You will have your privacy, and can go snorkel outside your villa or the nearby house reef. There are also two storey beach houses with private pool available.

Kandolhu is a very small island, and in fact, you can walk across it in less than 10 minutes. But the island has a large variety of restaurants and bars (5 to be exact) as well as various activities. The restaurants serves high-quality food, and each restaurant has its own food theme.

What I really loved about this luxury resort was how genuine and friendly the staff were. Most Maldives resorts have friendly staff, but this was on another level. Kandolhu Island Resort has everything one could wish for from a honeymoon trip with your loved one.

Finding Yoki

Nihi Sumba インドネシア

Nihi Sumba was chosen as the best hotel in the world by Travel+Leisure two years running and it is one of the most impressive and romantic hotels there are. Making honeymoon destinations in Asia easy to choose! The resort is located in Sumba Island, about 90min flight from Bali, and is one of the few accommodations on this largely wild part of Indonesia.

Building on a pilgrimage surf camp in the 80s, Nihi Sumba is today an exclusive and very premium accommodation with unique villas in different sizes spread along the wild ocean and the same famous surf breaks.

The resort is all inclusive and offers many excursions and activities on the island, including diving, snorkeling and jungle exploration to waterfalls and the local villages. Perhaps one of the most incredible features is the destination spa, set in a separate part of the island and reached by horse ride or trek through the rice paddies and jungle. The setting is absolutely breathtaking.

Nihi Sumba also became famous for its beautiful dining setups in various locations across the island and resort and all decorated with the prettiest of bamboo and flower arrangements. They speak of romance and once in a lifetime experiences.

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel インド