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外国人が日本を離れたあと恋しくなる日本の5つの物とは? Japan Inside




5 Things You’ll Miss When You Leave Japan

You’ve finally made the trip to Japan! You’ve seen the sights, enjoyed the sounds, and ate all the delicious food along the way. But time flies like a stick of butter off a Japanese supermarket shelf when you’re having fun, and before you know it, it’s time to go home. We know, leaving is hard, and you’re probably missing these things about Japan already:

The convenience stores in Japan are just amazing. You can find almost anything you need to get through the day, from stationery to fresh underwear, and they’re practically everywhere.

But what you’ll really miss is the variety of delicious bentos, sandwiches and desserts that you can grab in a pinch. They’re so convenient and so good!

Compare that to back home where the closest thing resembling actual food in the local 7-11 is a corndog that’s been sitting there longer than Leo without an Oscar. Actually, don’t.

They can be a little intimidating at first with all those mysterious buttons, but once you’ve tried a washlet, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

It’s 2016, we have cars that drive themselves and computers that can beat humans at Go – why aren’t warm toilet seats that wash, dry and deodorize your butt standard by now? Unfortunately, until we get to the bottom of this, Japan is the only place where you’ll get the best toilet experience in the world.

Who doesn’t like walking into a shop and be greeted by a chorus of cheery shop assistants? And it goes beyond greetings too – at some shops like Tokyu Hands you can buy something as small as a ¥100 pen or eraser and have it beautifully gift wrapped, for free.

Whenever I travel out of Japan, I reminded just how much I take that good service for granted. Especially when I’m standing at the restaurant cashier waiting to pay for my food and everyone working there just walks by and ignores me for a good 5 minutes.


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