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MicrosoftがローンチしたHoloLens、Minecraft EarthはSF映画の世界を実現している! Linked in


そしてこのビデオで新製品を発表しているチームを見るとCEOのSatya NadellaとNeena Kamath(Group Program Manager, Azure Mixed Reality Servicesインド系?)、Charlie HanPrincipal (Program Manager, Microsoft HoloLens、中国系?)と現在のグローバル化の現状を体現していて興味を惹かれます。

Mixed reality is one of the defining technologies of our time, enabling us to bridge the digital and physical worlds. This week we are bringing these immersive experiences to more customers with the general availability of HoloLens 2 and the global rollout of Minecraft Earth, beginning in the UK. I sat down with my colleagues Neena Kamath and Charlie Han to talk about how customers in every industry are applying this new medium to empower firstline workers with the right information at the right time, in the context of their work, and to create new breakthrough scenarios spanning manufacturing, gaming, retail, healthcare and more. Here’s our conversation.

Linkd inからどうぞ。

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