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外国人バックパッカーにとって日本の食事は髙いの?どこで食べればいいの?FLASHPACKING JAPAN




Cost of food in Japan – PHOTOS – Spending money for Japan – Backpacking Japan foodie travel

So you’re trying to figure out how much spending money to bring with you to Japan and how much to plan for your daily budget.

With all the major expenses paid for (flights and accommodation), how much cash should you bring to Japan?! (Or if your major expenses aren’t taken care of yet, see how to find flights to Japan and consider staying in hostels in Japan if you’re traveling alone.)

In terms of thinking about how much cash you need, one of the major daily expenses will likely be food.

What you’ll find below…

Some ideas for where to buy meals or prepared food in Japan:

convenience stores grocery stores bakeries street shops (with street snacks like okonomiyaki and takoyaki) train station bento box shop vending machine restaurants underground restaurants and more!

…with prices and pictures!

Some of these options can make for cheap food ideas, and some of these options can make for easy meal ideas.

First, the quick and easy answer?!

If you REALLY wanted to, you can find probably find meals for 500 yen (US$5).

But it might not be realistic to consistently eat for less than $5 a meal.

I would say it’s possible, but you’d probably have to put in effort to make it happen.

But you could likely easily survive on $10-15 a meal per person.

Although, this also depends on your appetite.

And if you’re moving around a lot more in Japan compared to home (because you know, Japan requires a lot of walking), then you may end up wanting to eat more food.

But in general, this type of budget of $15 a meal would likely allow you to taste a variety of Japanese food without having to feel like you’re depriving yourself.

Now, examples of food you might eat in Japan below, with prices!

For easy calculation, you can think of 100 yen as being US$1.

Now, examples of food you might eat in Japan below, with prices!

For easy calculation, you can think of 100 yen as being US$1.

Convenience stores

Well, convenience stores in Japan are convenient… and they are also especially convenient for FOOD!

It’s not just junk food and snacks that you’ll find in the convenience stores (you can get that if you want), but you would also be able to buy prepared meals here too.

Offerings will vary by store, and you can also find smaller healthy food items too, like yogurt, fruit drinks, salad.


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