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A detailed travel guide to the top tourist attractions and things to do in Florence. What to see, when to visit and where to stay.

Are you current planing a trip to Tuscany? And now you are wondering about the best things to do in Florence? Then you are not alone! An average of 13 million tourists visits the city and the surrounding area each year.

Florence is one of the most cultural and historical cities I know. Dante, Michelangelo, Donatello, Galileo, Raphael, and Leonardo Da Vinci all left their eternal mark on the city with a population of 380,000. I visited quite a couple of times and felt it’s about time to write a detailed Florence travel guide for you! For me, it is truly one of the top places to visit in Italy!

Whether it’s climbing medieval towers, exploring Renaissance palaces, eating Italian ice cream or driving around on a scooter, there are just so many fun things to do in Florence. It’s easy to spend 3 days or more in the capital of Tuscany and a logical step after visiting Milan or Rome.

But let’s start with the list of my favorite tourist attractions in Florence, shall we?

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2. Uffizi Gallery


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