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Breakfast in Madrid


今日は、マドリードの朝食をPack Up Let's Goからご紹介します。


There are numerous ways to start a beautiful day in Madrid, but the best way, in my opinion, is to start it with a fine Spanish breakfast and a cup of coffee. Madrid has a lot of places where this can be achieved, but we curated some of the best in the list below.

The Toast is a restaurant, bar and a cafe located in the Chamberí neighborhood of Madrid. It is a place a cozy local place to have breakfast, brunch, snack, and dinner.

Le Pain Quotidien is an experiment with the taste of the best artisan bakery and homemade pastry served in a large communal table. Whether you want a croissant, an avocado toast or veggie dishes, you will be served with fresh ingredients from very friendly staff.

Although we already wrote about Ruda Café here, as one of the best places in the city to drink coffee, it is also a lovely little place to have your first bite of the day.

Federal Café delicious breakfast with fresh orange juice or lovely cappuccino. It sure is a place to try breakfast if you are in Madrid.


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