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Summer is gone, but this doesn’t mean that you should stay at home. If anything, autumn means cheaper tickets and lesser crowds, so it could be the best time for you to plan some European city breaks. And if you are looking for some inspiration on where to go, look no more! Below is a list of cities to visit, big and small, discovered and secret gems.

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Table of Contents

1 1. Porto, Portugal 2 2. Hamburg, Germany 3 3. Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland 4 4. Venice, Italy 5 5. Avignon, France 6 6. Tbilisi, Georgia 7 7. St. Petersburg, Russia 8 8. London, United Kingdom 9 9. Warsaw, Poland 10 10. Paris, France 11 11. Prague, the Czech Republic 12 12. Barcelona, Spain 13 13. Budapest, Hungary 14 14. Turin, Italy 15 15. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 16 16. Stockholm, Sweden 17 17. Bologna, Italy 18 18. Funchal, Madeira

With great weather for sightseeing during the fall months, Portugal’s coastal city of Porto makes an excellent choice when it comes to weekend breaks. After spending 2 days in Porto last October, this beautiful city quickly became one of my top picks for European cities to visit during autumn. Escape the summer crowds and heat and plan to visit Porto in the months of September or October.

What type of weather can you expect in Porto during this time of year? While it won’t be as hot as a typical summer in Portugal, you will find mostly sunny days with temperatures in the low to mid-20s. The mornings and evenings will be cool, reaching lows of 12°C. While the weather was sunny for the duration of my visit, I found Porto to be quite windy so bringing long sleeves is a must. You should also still be prepared for the occasional unexpected shower or rainy day.

A highlight that you cannot miss out on when visiting Porto is taking a tour of one of the city’s wine lodges to learn about and taste the famous Port wine which is produced locally. A great way to see the city from a different perspective and learn some of its history is to hop on the popular 6 bridges boat cruise. This scenic boat cruise will take you along the Douro River, passing underneath all 6 of Porto’s bridges and give you a great view of the colourful Ribeira district.

The best way to get there is to fly into Porto’s international airport, the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport. From there, it’s easy to catch the metro that runs from the airport directly into Porto’s city centre every 20-30 minutes.

Why is it that everyone thinks of flying to warm destinations when summer ends? Avoid the tourist crowds of the Mediterranean countries and go north. Today I am here to recommend you to visit Hamburg in autumn.

Last year, thanks to the Come to Hamburg marketing campaign, we had the opportunity to enjoy three wonderful days of autumn in this city in northern Germany. With very acceptable temperatures (always above 0ºC) and not as many rainy days as could be expected (barely a third of the total), I leave you with three reasons why Hamburg should sneak into your list of destinations very soon:

In autumn, specifi

cally in the month of October, the wonderful Queer International Film Festival is celebrated in the city, which fills theatres, cinemas and other spots across the city with premieres and film masterpieces.

Also during this time, in addition to enjoying one of its many parks in the autumn colours, the light is spectacular. Perfect for photography lovers, who will encounter long sunsets and sunrises for their delight.

In addition, most tourists will have left by then. What will make the locals more receptive to start conversations with you if you dare to meet them? Also, you will face fewer queues to enter some emblematic places like Elbphilharmonie at the same time than accommodation and transport rates – along with the demand – should go down.