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世界中の若者が気候変動への抗議デモ BBC US,India,Greece,South Africa,Thailand,France,Germany,UK,Australia, Sweden,そして日

9月23日にニューヨークで開催される地球気候変動サミットを前に、世界各地の若者が各国のリーダーに抗議するClimate strikeが世界各地で開始されています。


Climate strike: Protests in cities across the world

Millions of people have been protesting across the world, calling for action to tackle climate change.

The rallies for "climate strike" day have been led by schoolchildren and was sparked by teenage campaigner Greta Thunberg.

Climate change action: We can't all be Greta, but your choices have a ripple effect BBC

Is individual action pointless in the face of climate change? Let's not beat around the bush: the simple answer has to be "yes".

Think about it: what difference does one person forgoing a lamb chop for a lentil bake, deciding to catch the bus rather than take their car, or deciding not to jet off for that autumn getaway in the Balearics make if the other 7,699,999,999 of us humans here on Earth don't do anything?

It is a dispiriting conclusion and begs an obvious question, and one that I am sure has already occurred to you: why bother?

That's exactly what I asked the 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg when I met her last month. Rather than fly to her climate change meetings in New York, Greta had opted to be whisked across the Atlantic on a racing yacht.

You remember the boat, the one with the bright blue plastic poo bucket?

"The point", she told me as we bobbed in Plymouth Sound, "is to create an opinion. By stopping flying, you don't only reduce your own carbon footprint but also that sends a signal to other people around you that the climate crisis is a real thing and that helps push a political movement."




何百万人もの人々が世界中で抗議しており、気候変動に取り組むための行動を求めています。 「気候変動のストライキ」デーの集会は小学生が主導し、10代の運動家グレタ・トゥンベルグによって引き起こされました。


気候変動に直面した個人の行動は無意味ですか? 回りくどい言い方はやめましょう。単純な答えは「はい」でなければなりません。






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