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デンマークではカヤックしながら環境保護 Green Kayak's

This Danish scheme is offering free kayak rides... for picking up trash

World Economic Forum

On some European waterways a fleet of kayaks has been fitted with an unusual accessory… a trash can. These bright green boats are free to rent, but volunteers are required to work for their trip by collecting floating waste.

The initiative is the brainchild of GreenKayak, a Denmark-based environmental not-for-profit with a mission to clean up the continent’s canals, rivers and lakes.

Volunteers can take to the water in one of the project’s colourful two-person kayaks, equipped with paddles, life vests and trash pickers. While enjoying the countryside, kayakers can pluck garbage from the water and fill the onboard trash can.

Although still in its infancy, the scheme aims to address a growing global challenge. According to UN Environment figures, about 13 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the world’s oceans each year, the majority of it fed along rivers from land-based sources. This pollution damages marine life, reduces biodiversity and can potentially harm human health.








プロジェクトのインスピレーションは、創業者たちがピザを食べながら運河の土手に座り、手の届かない破片が浮かんでいるのを見ていたことです。完全に衣服を着た水に飛び込むことは、長期的な解決策ではないように思われたため、より積極的な方法で廃棄物に到達しました。 「シャツを脱いで飛び込むことはできませんが、GreenKayakに乗ってインパクトを与えることはできます」と、プロジェクトの創設者の1人であるTobias Weber-AndersenはUSA Todayに語りました。


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