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June 19, 2016 vol.693 ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆Dela Cruz English Club◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆


今のグローバル化に対応するためには、英会話力だけでなく、 多国籍がいる中でも、必要なことを主張し、 周りを巻き込むことができるグローバル対応力をつけ、 自分を「グローバル化」することが必要です。


○グローバルキャリアを積んだビジネスプロフェッショナル講師から ○手頃な価格で ○自分をグローバル化するレッスンを受講できる


 ・英語のレッスン  ・あなたのグローバル化に役立つ情報、Business Tips  ・DCECで発生する外国人の日々

など、あなたのグローバル化を応援する情報をお届けし、 英語で人生を成功に導くメルマガです。


大学講師:フィリピン大学、上智大学、筑波大学他 政府官僚:大統領スタッフ、財務省国家予算策定担当、      外務省法務官、経済開発庁スタッフ他 国際機関:世界銀行エコノミスト、国連スタッフ他 民間企業:Google人事担当、マイクロソフトゲーム開発担当      アクサ保険ファイナンス担当、スイス製薬会社他多数


・Setting Up A Business                <Harvie> ・今週のあなたの課題ニュース・記事  ”16 Crazy Things You Can't Not Do When You're In Tokyo” ・今週の注目Blog&記事 ・TESZARA情報 ・編集後記                    -------------------------------------------------------------








■Setting Up A Business

Characters: H - Harvie; S - Sato

A governess and a learner during free talk...

H: Good afternoon Sato. What would you like to talk about today? S: Good afternoon Harvie. Is it ok if we talk about setting up a business? H: Setting up a business? (curious) Where do we start? S: Hmmm, it's not very easy but maybe we can start by choosing the type of business. H: Let's see...what are you passionate about? Do you like computers, video games, software, and stuff like that? S: Not really. I'm not tech-savvy. H: How about setting up your own cafe? S: Hey that sounds like a good idea! I like going to cafes. I'll probably start with a simple one, though. H: Okay so you'll set up your own cafe. What do you plan to serve in this modest cafe of yours? S: Coffee and tea maybe. H: How about serving milk tea? S: What is milk tea? H: It's regular tea but you add milk to make it sweet and creamy. S: (Nodding) Oh okay. Is that the one with tapioca? H: Yes! It's very popular among young people. Do you plan to serve pastries to go along with your coffee and milk tea? S: Yes, of course. I would like to serve up a variety of pastries like cookies, cakes, and pies. H: Those sound delicious! I would love to visit your cafe someday. S: I will invite you when it opens. H: Yes please. I'll tag my friends along so we can all try your coffee and pastries. S: Don't forget my milk tea. H: Hahaha! Yes, of course, your milk tea. Good luck Sato!


set up 設立する、起こす type  種類 passionate  熱心、情熱的な ...and stuff like that ...みたいな事 tech-savvy  テクノロジーに精通した simple     単純な、基本的な ...though    でも、やっぱり modest     控えめな、ささやかな milk tea    ミルクティー sweet     甘い creamy     クリームを含む、なめらかな popular    人気 pastries    ペストリー go along    進んでいく、同行する  serve up    食卓に出す variety     さまざまな tag...along   ...と一緒に付いて行く

●Comprehension questions:

1. What was Harvie and Sato talking about? a) Their weekend activities. b) Setting up a business. c) Their summer vacation plans.

2. What type of business does Sato want to set up? a) A big kindergarten in Tokyo. b) A car rental shop in the countryside. c) A simple cafe that serves food and drinks.

3. What is popular among teenagers? a) Milk tea. b) Computers, video games, and software. c) Setting up a business.

4. What should Harvie remember when he visits the cafe? a) To try Sato's milk tea. b) To try a variety of pastires. c) To tag his friends along.