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英語の記事を毎週読むのが英語上達に役立つvol.855 本の匂いを嗅ぐ癖!?










■Is That Weird?

J - Janice, M - Mina

A GV and a learner talk about strange habits.

M: Do you have any strange habits?

J: Oh, I have a long list. Shall I enumerate?

M: Eh? That many? (laughs)

J: I’m afraid so! My friends say that I’m a very weird person.

  But why do you ask?

M: I’m just curious. This morning, my neighbor was talking

  to his plant. He seemed pretty embarrassed when he realized

  that I was standing nearby.

J (jokingly): You shouldn’t eavesdrop. Maybe it was

a private conversation.

M: It’s strange, right? But I did some research,

and it turns out that talking to your plants can actually

make them grow faster. It’s still an odd thing to do, though.

J: I didn’t know that! Maybe I should start talking

to my plants from now on...

M: Add that to your list of weird habits. What else is

on that list, anyway?

J: Hmm...well, I love the smell of books, so I have a tendency

to sniff the pages when I’m reading. Sometimes,

people stare at me when I browse in bookstores.

M (laughs): I can imagine.

J: How about you?

M: Ah, well...I have a habit of dancing.

J: That’s not very strange. You’re a dancer, right?

M: Yeah, but I dance in public places.

J: Oh. Like in a flash mob?

M: Nope. I get antsy if I stay in one place for too long.

I start to fidget, and the next thing I know,

I’m doing some hip-hop moves while waiting in line for

a cheeseburger. Is that weird?

J: Kind of. But it’s also cute.

M (teasingly): At least I’m not addicted to sniffing books.

J: Hey!

Both women laugh.


Habits         習慣、癖