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Typhoon-ready 台風対策


■Typhoon-ready Characters: M - Matthew; Y - Yuzu Walking toward the elevator after class... M: Got plans this afternoon, Yuzu? Y: Nothing really. I'll probably be heading straight home. M: Why not enjoy what's left of the weekend? It's a bit cooler compared to the last few days. Y: It is, but a typhoon is forecast to make landfall later this evening. M: Oh yes, I remember. I even read somewhere that it's packing winds of up to 180kph. Did you bring an umbrella? Y: That's exactly why I didn't bring an umbrella. The wind will just flip it inside out. M: You're right. What do you have there then? (pointing at Yuzu's knapsack) Y: I got my portable raincoat which folds really small. M: Nifty! Y: And I have my plastic pants and waterproof boots to go along with it. M: You thought of everything! Y: All that's missing is the typhoon. Hahaha. M: But it ain't coming till midnight. Y: Well, you know what they say...better safe than sorry. M: Agree. See you next week! ●Vocabulary / Expressions: 1. typhoon-ready  :台風対策 2. probably     :おそらく 3. heading     :〜に向かう 4. what's left of :…の残したもの 5. landfall :上陸 6. packing :威力などを備えている 7. winds :風 8. up to…     :(上限)まで 9. kph = kilometer per hour :毎時~キロ 10. flip      :さっとめくる 11. inside out   :裏返しに 12. knapsack    :ナップザック 13. portable    :携帯性の 14. nifty      :すてきな、すばらしい 15. go along    :(…に)付随する 16. ain't : are not の短縮形 17. better A than B : AよりBの方がいい ■Comprehension questions: 1. What is Yuzu's plan for the afternoon? a) Make landfall later in the evening. b) Head straight home. c) Enjoy what's left of the weekend. d) Buy waterproof boots. 2. Why did Yuzu bring her rain gear when there was no typhoon yet? a) To be prepared in case anything happens. b) The last typhoon flipped her umbrella inside out. c) She misses having typhoons. d) The typhoon is packing 180kph winds. 3. Which statement is NOT correct? a) The last few days have been hot. b) The raincoat easily fits into her knapsack. c) The typhoon is not very strong. d) The lesson is on a Sunday. ■台風対策 登場人物: M - マシュー; Y - ユズ 授業終了後、エレベーターに向かって歩く... M: ユズ、今日の午後は予定ある? Y: 実は何もないの。たぶんまっすぐ家に帰るわ。 M: 週末の残りを楽しまなくっちゃ。ここ数日と比べて   少し涼しいでしょ。 Y: そうだけど、今晩遅くに台風が上陸する見通しだから。 M: ああ、そうだった。最大時速180キロの風を伴っていると   何かの記事で読んだよ。傘は持ってきた? Y: 強い風が吹くからこそ私は傘を持ってこなかったの。   風で傘は裏返ってしまうから。 M: そうですね。では、そこに何が入っているの?  (ユズのナップザックを指す) Y: 携帯用レインコートよ。とても小さく折りたためるんです。 M: かっこいい! Y: そしてビニール製のパンツと防水のレインブーツも持っています。 M: 全てを考えているんだね! Y: 足りていないのは台風だけ。ははは。 M: でも、深夜までは来ないんじゃない? Y: でも、ほら..転ばぬ先の杖って言うじゃない? M: 確かに。じゃあまた来週!



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