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■ I Am Roasting 焼けている


■ I Am Roasting

Characters; C - Chad; S - Suki

A learner and a GV during the lesson...

C: Hey Suki! How’s it going?

S: Not so good. It’s scorching hot, Chad. I am roasting!

C: Oh sorry to hear that. But, yeah, I have heard that the

temperature in Japan is soaring.

S: You bet it is!

C: Wow, you must feel like you are in an oven right now.

S: Chad, my head is so hot you can fry an egg on it!

C: Hahahaha! Oh man, that is such a funny way to describe

the weather. I have never heard that level of exaggeration


S: Oh, I wish I had been exaggerating. I can’t even remember

the last time the weather was like this.

C: Yeah. You may have to stay indoors then to avoid heat


S: I may need a portable air-conditioner!

S & C: (Laugh together)

C: I have a question to ask of you.

S: Go ahead.

C: If you had to choose one, would you rather have a burning

summer or a freezing winter for one year?

S: That is a tricky question. Those are two extreme situations

and I have never thought of that.

C: You gotta choose this time!

S: Hmmm, then I would say... a burning summer for one year.

C: Yeah? Why?

S: Well, I just really don’t miss winter at the moment.

Besides, I dislike wearing layers of winter clothes as

much as I dislike doing the laundry.

C: Hahahaha. Well I don’t know what winter is like but I do

dislike doing the laundry as well.

S: That means you must dislike winter!

C: (laughs)


How’s it going?   :調子はどう?

It’s scorching hot. :焼けつくように暑いです。

roast         :焙る

soaring        :急上昇する

You bet!    :もちろん!

exaggeration :過言

exaggerating :誇張している

indoors :屋内

heat stroke :熱中症

portable :ポータブルの

would you rather... :(..より)むしろ...ですか?

burning summer :真夏

freezing winter :真冬

tricky :ひっかけの、小難しい

extreme :極端な

gotta :have to = ..しなければならない

at the moment :現時点では

■Comprehension Questions:

1. What is a synonym for soaring?

a. uncomfortable

b. inconvenient

c. rising

d. intelligent

2. What does the idiom “I am roasting” mean?

a. I am hungry.

b. I feel hot.

c. I am cooking.

d. I want to eat.

3. What kind of weather does Suki prefer for one year?

a. A burning summer

b. A freezing winter

c. He did not say.

d. He likes both.


登場人物; C - チャド; S - スキ



S: あまり良くない。焼け付くように暑いわチャド。


C: それは大変だね。しかし、ええ、日本の気温は急上昇してい


S: そのとおりです!

C: わあ、あなたは今オーブンの中にいるような感じなのでしょうね。

S: チャド、私の頭はとても熱いので、卵を焼けるよ!

C: ハハハハ!面白い天気の表現ですね。そこまでの誇張表現は聞い


S: ああ、誇張していたんだったらよかったのに。このような天気を


C: そうです。 熱中症を避けるために屋内にいなければならないかも


S: 私はポータブルエアコンが必要かもしれません!

S & C: (笑)

C: あなたのことで質問があります。

S: どうぞ。

C: もし、1年間、灼熱の夏と凍てつく冬、どちらか1つ選択しなけ


S: それはきわどい質問ね。それらは2つの極端な状況ですし、


C: 選んでください!

S: うーん、じゃぁ、燃える夏。

C: そう?どうして?

S: えぇと、今はそこまで冬が恋しいというわけではないから。


C: ハハハハ。 まあ、私は冬がどんなものなのか分からないけど、


S: それはあなたも冬が嫌いということですね!

C: (笑)

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