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A Tiresome Day しんどい1日

■A Tiresome Day

Characters: H-Hikaru; K-Kimberly A learner and a governess during their free chat K: Hi Hikaru! Nice to see you again. How was your day? H: Hi Kimberly! Nice to see you again, too. Well,   (sighs) I must say, I feel a little tired today. K: Busy with experiments, I presume? H: Not exactly. I only did one experiment, and I'm proud to say I was able to finish it, no sweat! (looking happy) K: That's great! But if it wasn't your experiments, then what made you feel tired? (curious look) H: It's because of a long meeting I had. We talked about raising mental health awareness in the company. K: That's an interesting topic, and I must say, pretty timely, too. H: Yeah, I learned a lot of useful information, but it dragged on for hours so I felt mentally drained afterward. (shakes head lightly) K: I can imagine that. (nods) Speaking of feeling tired, are you familiar with the words 'tiring' and 'tiresome'? H: (thinks) Hmm, I might have encountered them before… (tilts head) K: Alright, so, let me refresh your memory. H: Oh thank you! I’ll be taking notes. (raises a pen) K: Okay Hikaru, this one is very simple. You use the word ‘tiring’when you refer to something that makes you feel tired physically. On the other hand, ‘tiresome’ is for something that makes you feel annoyed, bored, or simply tired mentally. H: (Absorbing what was explained) K: For example, you can say that running is tiring, while a long meeting is tiresome. H: Ahh! I get it now. Thank you for that explanation, Kimberly. K: You're welcome. (smiles) So, can you try making sentences using those two words? H: Let’s see...I had a tiresome day at work because of a long meeting and a tiring weekend playing with my children all day long. K: Hahaha! That’s a good one, Hikaru! ●Vocabulary: assume       :想定する experiment     :実験 proud   :誇りに思う No sweat :お安いご用だ、容易に mental health :メンタルヘルス awareness :自覚,認識 timely :折よい drag on :〔会・行事などが〕ダラダラ長引く drained :うんざりする Speaking of~ :~といえば familiar :著名な、よく知っている tiring :骨の折れる、疲れさせる、 tiresome :面倒な refresh one's memory:記憶を新たにする take notes :書き取る refer to :~を参照する physically :物理的に annoyed :いらいらした, bored :退屈な explanation :説明 All day long : 一日中, 終日 ●Comprehension Questions: 1. Why was Hikaru feeling tired today? a. He did five experiments today. b. He had to finish a lot of paperwork. c. He had a long meeting. d. He prepared a long presentation. 2. What was Hikaru’s meeting about? a. It was about raising mental health awareness in the company. b. It was about the company’s sales report on the past fiscal year. c. It was about the company’s budget for the next fiscal year. d. It was about effective marketing strategies for the company. 3. Why did Hikaru say that he'd had a tiring weekend? a. He cleaned the whole house last weekend. b. He ran a lot of errands during the weekend. c. He played soccer with his colleagues. d. He played with his children all day long. ■しんどい1日 登場人物: H-ヒカル; K-キンバリー フリートーク中のラーナーとガヴァネス K: ヒカル!また会えて嬉しいわ。今日はどうだった? H: やぁ、キンバリー!僕もまた会えて嬉しいよ。  えぇと (ため息)、今日はちょっと疲れたと言わざるを得ないんだ。 K: 実験で忙しかったの? H: 正確にはそうじゃないんだ。 実験は1つだけで、とても簡単に   終わらせることができたんだ。(嬉しそうに) K: 凄いわ!でも、もしそれがあなたの実験じゃなかったとしたら、   何で疲れているの? (興味ありげに) H: 長い会議のせいだよ。社内でのメンタルヘルスの認知をあげること   について話しました。 K: それは興味深い話題ね。かなりタイムリーだと言わなければなりません。 H: うん、僕は多くの有益な情報を学んだよ、でも何時間も続いたので、   結局精神的に疲れ果てたんだよ。 (軽く頭を振る) K: わかるわ。 (うなづく) 疲れていると言えば、   'tiring'と'tiresome'という言葉を知っている? H: (考える) うーん、前に見かけた気がする..(首を傾げて) K: いいわ、では、あなたの記憶をリフレッシュさせてください。 H: ありがとう!メモを取るよ。 (ペンを立てる) K: 大丈夫よヒカル、これはとても簡単です。  ‘tiring’は、物理的に疲れさせるものを参照するとき、  ‘tiresome’は面倒だったり、退屈だったり、単純に精神的に   疲れさせるものを言うときに使います。 H: (説明されたことを吸収する) K: 例えば、ランニングは'tiring'、長引く会議は'tiresome'と言え   ます。 H: あぁ!わかった!説明ありがとう、キンバリー。 K: どういたしまして(笑顔)。では。これらの単語を使って文を作   ってみてくれる? H: えぇと...仕事で長時間の会議があったので疲れる1日でした。   そして週末は子供と1日中遊ぶのでまた疲れます。 K: ははは!それはいいセンテンスね、ヒカル!



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