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Just Pulling Your Leg ちょっとあなたをからかって


■Just Pulling Your Leg Characters; C - Chad; A - Aki A learner and a GV during the lesson... C: So, what do you think is the biggest mistake you have ever made? A: Oh, that is a difficult question! (frowns) C: Yes it is, but, is there anything that you have done in the past that you regret? A: Hmmm... Let me think. Uhhh… (after two minutes of silence) C: Hey, why does it take you a long time to think? It gives me the impression that you have lots of regrets.   (in a teasing tone) A: (laughs) No, no, it’s not that. (looks around the room) I just want to make sure that my wife is not within earshot. C: Oh!! Why? (intrigued) A: (whispers) Because... the biggest mistake I have ever made is getting married! C: (surprised) Oh my!! Really? That makes me not want to get hitched. A: Hahaha! You shouldn’t be discouraged. (looking at Chad's seemingly worried expression) Actually, I am just pulling your leg. C: You mean you were just joking? (laughs self-consciously) You almost got me there. I almost believed you! A: (chuckles) I’m sorry. I was just poking fun at you. As a matter of fact, tying the knot is the best decision I have ever made. C: Oh, I am glad to hear that. So what is your biggest regret then? A: Hmmm… That’s a secret! C: Oh, Aki! ●Vocabulary: mistake:       あやまち frown:        顔をしかめる、眉をひそめる difficult:      難しい regret:        後悔する Impression:    印象 within earshot:    聞こえる所に get hitched:      結婚する discourage:    落胆させる seemingly:      うわべは、表面上は pulling one’s leg:  からかう、だます self-consciously:   自意識過剰の chuckle:     含み笑い poking fun: 茶化す、冷やかす as a matter of fact: 実際のところ tying the knot:    二本の糸で結び目を作る=結婚する decision:       決断 secret: 秘密 ●Comprehension Questions: 1. What does the idiom “pulling your leg” mean? a. to joke around b. to tell a lie c. to make someone cry d. an accident 2. What is a synonym for “get hitched” a. poke fun b. take a long time c. get married d. to regret something 3. What is the biggest mistake that Aki has made? a. That he got married. b. That he always jokes around. c. It’s his secret. d. He could not think of an answer. -------------------------------------------------------------- ■ちょっとあなたをからかって 登場人物; C-チャド; A-アキ レッスン中のラーナーとGV... C:これまであなたがしでかした一番のミスは何? A:ああ、それは難しい質問だね! (顔をしかめる) C:そうですね。何か過去にしたことで後悔していることはない? A:うーん...そうだなあ。うーん... (沈黙の2分後) C:ねえ、なぜそんなに考えるのに時間がかかっているの? あなたには多くの後悔があるという印象を受けるよ。 (からかい調子で) A:(笑)いいえ、そうじゃないよ。 (部屋を見回す)   妻が近くにいないことを確認したいだけだよ。 C:ああ!どうして? (興味ありげに) A:(ささやき)...なぜなら、私が今までに犯した最大のミスは、 結婚したことだからだよ! C: (驚き)あぁ!本当かい!?それを聞くと結婚したくなくなるなぁ。 A:ハハハ!君は落ち込んじゃいけないよ。 (チャドの心配そうな 表情を見て)実は、君をちょっとからかっただけだから。 C:ただの冗談だったの? (自信を持って笑う)ほとんど信じていた! A:(笑)ごめん。実際、結婚はこれまでにした最善の決断だよ。 C:ああ、それを聞いてよかったよ。それで、あなたの最大の後悔は何? A:うーん、それは秘密だ! C:ああ、アキ!

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