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False Colors 惑わせる色

Characters: K -Kathy S- Shota A learner and his governess at the beginning of class: Dialogue: K: (Looks at Shota, puzzled) Hmmm, you have a strange look on your face. S: Kathy, an American colleague of mine arrived last week and he invited me to a brown bag session. He said he’d like to talk about work-related stuff. K: Well, what seems to be the problem? S: I’m having trouble looking for a brown bag. K: (laughs out loud) Hahahaha! S: (waits impatiently) Well, I think you've had enough at my expense. K: I’m sorry! A brown bag session just means you’ll all talk about work at lunch time, each with his own packed lunch. Not literally bring a “brown” bag. S: I see. So, if I say I’m green with envy, I don’t really turn green… K: I don’t think that’s even possible for a human being! S: (thinks) Maybe humans are colorless then? K: If you mean “boring” then I think, figuratively, it is possible! S: Ha, I know how to change your color Kathy. I saw you last night with someone... K: (turns red) Hey! S: (smiles triumphantly) Well, mission accomplished!

●Vocabulary: puzzled      (分からなくて)<人を>悩ます strange look    奇妙な顔つき brown bag session ランチミーティング colleague  同僚 impatiently  今や遅しと、いらいらしながら at someone’s expense 肴にする packed lunch  弁当 literally  文字どおりに green with envy  妬む colorless     無色の、どんよりした   figuratively   比喩的に triumphantly   誇らしげに mission accomplished  任務無事完了 ●Comprehension and Reflection Questions: 1. Why did Shota have a strange look on his face? a) He was acting strange in class. b) He couldn't find a brown bag. c) He forgot his textbook at home. d) He woke up late and missed the train. 2. What did his American colleague request? a) That they all go out for karaoke. b) That they meet at lunchtime to discuss work. c) That they each bring a brown bag to the office. d) That they all work overtime. 3. According to Kathy’s statements, colors in English can sometimes: a) Have only one meaning. b) Have figurative meanings. c) Be false. d) Be boring. 4. Why did Kathy turn red? a) She was embarrassed. b) She was angry. c) She was sleepy. d) She was sick. ■ 惑わせる色 登場人物: K -キャシー S- しょうた レッスンが始まる前のラーナーさんとガヴァネス K: (しょうたを見て困惑する) うーん。奇妙な顔つきをしているね。 S: キャシー、アメリカ人の同僚が先週到着して、ランチミーティングに   招待してくれたんだ。彼は仕事関係の話をしたいと言っていたよ。 K: うーん。 何が問題だったの? S: 茶色のかばんを探すのに苦戦しているよ。 K: (大声で笑いながら) はははは! S: (待って!いらいらしながら) 笑いすぎだよ。 K: ごめんなさい A brown bag session はそれぞれランチを持ち   寄ってランチタイムにミーティングをする事を意味するのよ。   文字通りに゜茶色い゜かばんをもっていくわけではないの。 S: なるほど。 もし、 I’m green with envy,   と言っても本当に緑になる訳ではないんだね・・・ K: そもそも人間は緑になる事は難しいよね。 S: (考えて)たぶん人間は色がないんじゃない? K: もし“うんざり”しているなら、比喩的に言えば可能だね。 S: ハッ!どうやって色を変えるか知ってるよ、キャシー。    昨日の夜誰かと一緒に... K: (赤くなって) ちょっと待って! S: (誇らしげに笑って) 任務完了!!

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