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Joke's On You


Characters: K -Kathy S- Shota

A learner and his governess before the start of the next class.

K: (looks over at Shota) You seem to have your nose stuck in that book all day! S: (busy reading) I'm studying. K: Your dedication today has gotten me dumbfounded! S: (still looking at the book) No kidding! K: You bet! It has taken me unawares. S: No. I mean, he said here, on this page, "no kidding". (shows the page to Kathy) K: Hmm? (reads the page) Oh! Well, what's the problem? S: I thought this guy (points at the book) was head over heels about this person. Why would he use the word "kidding" for something serious? K: (goes into teacher mode) The fact that he said "no kidding" means he is dead serious about the matter! S: You've got to be kidding! K: (claps) Wow! You catch on quickly. S: She said "You've got to be kidding!" (shows the page to Kathy) K: That's it! Give me that book! S: Hahaha. Can't you take a joke?


dedication  献身、専念、 dumbfounded (...に)ものが言えないほどびっくりして No kidding  冗談でしょう!まさか! taken me unawares  思いがけなく、知らずに head over heels for  ~に夢中である、(人)にぞっこんである dead serious    大まじめな The fact that   事実 You've got to be kidding 嘘でしょう catch on quickly  ピンとくる That's it!     そこだ、それだ、それでよい、それだけだ Can't you take a joke?  冗談だって分からないの? What's the problem?    何が問題ですか?

●Comprehension and Reflection Questions:

1. Why did Kathy comment on Shota's behavior?  a) He was acting strange.  b) He was reading all day.  c) He looked sick.  d) He told jokes.

2. What was Shota confused with?  a) The use of the expression "no kidding" in a   serious situation.  b) The use of the expression "no kidding" with   Kathy's reaction.  c) The character in the book was head over heels.  d) Because everyone in the story was serious.

3. According to Kathy, what was meant by the expression "no kidding" in Shota's book?  a) The person is not serious about his feelings.  b) The person is laughing at his feelings.  c) The person is very serious about his feelings.  d) The person is confused about his feelings.

■Joke's On You

登場人物: K -キャシー S- しょうた


K: (しょうたを見て) 一日中、本を読んでいるようね。 S: (本を読むのに忙しい様子) 勉強しているんだよ。 K: あなたの熱心な姿にびっくりしてるわ。 S: (まだ本を見ている) 冗談でしょ! K: もちろん! 不意を打たれただけだよ。 S: 違うんだ。 彼はこのページで "冗談でしょう"って。 (キャシーに見せて) K: えっ? (ページを読んで) えーっと、何か問題ある? S: この男性が(本を指差して) この人に夢中だと思ったんだ。 でも、彼は何でこんな真剣なことに"冗談"を 使うの? K: (先生モードになって) 彼が言う‘No Kidding’は本当だよという意味で、   とてもまじめだという事なの。 S: 嘘でしょう! K: (拍手) わあ!理解するのが早いね。 S: うーん...ううん。彼女が "嘘でしょう"って言ったんだ。 (キャシーに見せて) K: それだ!その本を渡しなさい! S: ははは。冗談だよ?



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