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あなたの英語の勉強にお役立てください。 Characters: T - Taro ; C - Clara A governess asking her learner about his business trip C: Hello, I heard that you just arrived from your business trip. How was it? T: It was fun. I was able to explore the place during the night and my free-time. C: Where did you explore? T: I walked around the place I stayed in and I went to visit the supermarket. C: (Looks surprised) Wow, what supermarket did you go to? T: Yes, I went to O-Wow Supermarket, it was very big! I was shocked when I went inside. C: Really, that sounds interesting. What did you buy in the supermarket? T: I bought junk-food, beer, and a bug spray. C: (Laughing) Why did you buy a bug spray? T: I needed the bug spray for my room. C: (Looks concerned) What kind of bugs did you see? T: (Thinking) Hmmm… I can’t think of the word for the bug, (puts hands near shoulders and imitates flapping wings), the bug looks like this. C: (Confused) Uhm, is it a butterfly? A bird? T: (Laughing) No, it’s not a butterfly, smaller, with wings, and it is black. (Uses two fingers to pretend walking). C: Is it a caterpillar? T: (Laughing) No, it’s very small and it can fly. People don't like it, they usually run away when they see it. C: (Shocked face) Oh my goodness, is it a cockroach? I'm scared of them! T: Yes! That’s the bug! I think it flew in when I opened the window so now I need the bug spray to kill the cockroach! C: You are very brave! I don・t think I can stay in the room with them. I・ll be too scared. They might attack me. T: (Laughing) Don’t be scared because they are smaller than you. Just chase them with the bug spray if you see them. C: Good thinking! I will do that next time I see a cockroach. Thank you for the idea! T: No problem. I'm glad I gave you a solution. ●Vocabulary: business trip     出張 arrived        到着した explore       探検する shocked  衝撃を受けた that sounds interesting おもしろそう laughing  笑っている bug spray  害虫スプレー looks concerned  心配そうに Oh my goodness!  あらまあ cockroach  ゴキブリ solution  解決(策) ●Comprehension and Reflections Questions: Why was Taro shocked when he went to the supermarket? a) It had bright lights. b) There was no air conditioning. c) It was very big. d) It was very far from his hotel. 2. What did Taro buy? a) Junk-food, beer, and a bug spray. b) Bread, beer, and milk. c) Salad and sushi. d) Food for the entire week. 3. What will he use the bug spray for? a) To bring home as a souvenir. b) To catch a mouse. c) To display in his room. d) To kill the cockroach. ■それは何? 登場人物: T - たろう; C - クレア ガヴァネスがラーナーさんに出張について聞いています C: こんにちは。出張から帰ったところだってきいたけど、どうだった? T: 楽しかったよ。 夜とか自由時間に探検することもできたし。 C: どのあたりを探検したの? T: 泊まっているところの周辺とかスーパーに行ってみたりしたよ。 C: (驚いた様子で) そうなんだ。なんてスーパーに行ったの? T: そう、オーワオ スーパーマーケットだよ。とっても大きくて   中に入って衝撃を受けたよ。 C: 本当に?おもしろいね。スーパーで何をかったの? T: ジャンクフード、ビールとか害虫スプレーだよ。 C: (笑いながら) 何で害虫スプレーをかったの? T: 僕の部屋に必要だったからだよ。 C: (心配そうに) どんな種類の虫をみたの? T: (考えながら) えーっと。その虫をなんて言うのか思いつかないよ。 (手を肩まで挙げて羽ばたくようなまねをして) こんな感じだよ。 C: (混乱した様子で) うーん。蝶々?鳥? T: (笑いながら) 蝶々じゃないよ、もっと小さくて、黒くて羽がついているの。 (2本の指で歩いてるまねをして) C: 毛虫? T: (笑いながら) いいえ、とても小さくて飛べるんだ。みんな嫌いでそれを見たら大体の人   は走って逃げるよ。 C: (驚いた様子で)あらまあ。ゴキブリ? とっても怖いわ。 T: そう! それだよ! 窓を開けたときに飛び込んだと思うんだ。だからゴキブリを殺すために   害虫スプレーが必要でしょ。 C: とっても勇敢ね。私だったらその部屋にいられないよ。 怖すぎるよ。   攻撃してくるかもしれないしね。 T: (笑いながら) 怖がらなくて大丈夫だよ、あなたより小さいからね。   もし見つけたら害虫スプレーをもって追いかけたらいいんだよ。 C: 良い考えね! もしゴキブリを見たら次はそうするね。 良いアイデアをくれてありがとう。 T:いいえ。解決方法を見つけられて良かったよ。



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