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Singapore in One Day with 3 Itinerary to choose from!

While you are trailblazing your way through South East Asia, or across the whole of Asia, there might be a good chance for that you will visit Singapore. But what if you only had one day? Maybe you are here on a layover? What to do in Singapore in one day then?

Much has been made about Singapore over the last few decades, from being part of the 4 Asian Tigers to an economic miracle, from the world’s best airport to the world’s best airline.

But frankly, Singapore as a tourist destination cannot be underestimated. While we may have a reputation as a boring country, there is really nothing boring about it for you the traveller.

To visit Singapore in one day is really not enough, but we got to make the best out of every situation right? Think about all the sightseeing you are gonna miss, all the coffee in quaint cafes you are not gonna drink and all the excellent food you can’t eat!

If you were thinking, is one day in Singapore enough, the short answer is NO! But today is your lucky day, as 2 proud Singaporeans will show you the best you can do to make the most of Singapore in one day. But before that, some essential things you need to know..

Top Tip! Join a Heritage Tour organised by the airport if you have a layover of between 2.5 hours to 24 hours. Read more on the Changi Airport Website.

Table of Contents

  • When to Visit Singapore?

  • Getting around in Singapore

  • Where should you stay in Singapore?

  • Other important essentials

  • Singapore in One Day Itinerary 1

  • Singapore in One Day Itinerary 2

  • Singapore in One Day Itinerary 3

  • Final Words

  • Thank YOU for visiting us. We have a gift for you!

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When to Visit Singapore?

Honestly, and maybe with a bit of bias, there is never a wrong time to visit Singapore. After all, we are a tropical island and the weather while being unpredictable at times, the mood swings of Mother Nature should not be reason enough to dissuade you from coming.

What you need to take note of is that Singapore weather is generally categorized into 2 seasons, wet and less wet. That’