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菅総理の交代では、日本の政治的危機はほとんど解決しない The Guardian

イギリスの高級紙The Guardianが菅首相の退陣およびその後の総裁選について伝えていますが、かなり厳しい論調です。


The LDP does not represent these people, nor does it represent the millions of immigrants who, with temporary visas and precarious employment, share the lowest rung of the job market. However, these are precisely the voices – those of women, of young people, of the precariat and of the immigrants – that are needed to help Japan deal with the problems of a rapidly ageing society, the ongoing pandemic and the climate crisis, and, ultimately, to steer Japan towards a more humane society.

After so many years of LDP rule, it’s not only the democratic system, but the very future of Japan, that is at stake. It seems unlikely that whoever wins the LDP leadership race, and becomes prime minister, will meet these challenges.




general election 総選挙

ruling party   与党

Liberal Democratic party  自由民主党

that has pushed Japan’s medical system into “disaster mode” それは(民意に反するオリンピック強行は)日本の医療システムを "災害モード "にした

Resignation  退任、辞任

polarising populist extremism  極端なポピュリストの過激主義

stranglehold 絞め殺し

electorate apathetic  選挙民の無関心



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