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■Don’t Pick Me Up!

J - Janice, N - Nozomi

A GV and a learner talk about pick-up lines.

J: Hi, Nozomi! Long time, no see!

N: Hi, Janice. You look different.

J: Ah, well, we had plenty of Christmas parties during the

  holiday season. I think I gained some weight.

N: Same here. I really enjoyed our festivities during   

   the winter holiday. Maybe too much, actually. I really

   need to hit the gym again.

J: You went to the U.S. for vacation, right? How was it?

N: It was alright. It was so exciting to see my family again.

   We had a lot of fun. But they told me that they had been

   very homesick. They missed Japan, and they also missed me.

J: And I’m sure you missed them, too. It’s been months

   since you last saw each other, right?

N: Yeah, sometimes I wish I could move there with them.

   But I also really like my job. It’s quite a dilemma.

J: I hope you figure it out soon.

N: Thanks. On another note, something strange happened

   to me at a bar in the U.S. A man approached me.

   I think his exact words were: If you were a booger,

   I would pick you first.

J (laughs): Oh, I get it! That was a pick-up line.

   People use pick-up lines to flirt with each other.

   The man was probably interested in you.

N: Really? I can’t believe people say those things to

   strangers. Are all pick-up lines that terrible?

J: Well, there are plenty of different lines.