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■He Threw Three Free Throws

Characters: C - Chan;     R - Ramu

A GV and a learner in class talking about basketball

R: I was watching the NBA last weekend and I thought of talking

 about it in this afternoon’s freestyle lesson.

C: All right. So, what game did you watch? Which teams were playing?

R: I watched the game between the Washington Wizards and

 the Oklahoma City Thunders.

C: I see. So how was the game?

R: Well, you know the Japanese player in the Wizards, right?

C: Rui Hachimura, yeah. Did he perform well that night?

R: He did! I am proud of him  because he had a lot of minutes in the game.

 He made some good rebounds, a couple of assists, and scored

 nineteen points in total.

C: For a rookie, those are some good numbers.

R: I think so, too. I really feel like he’s coming into his own this season

 and he’s really an integral part of the team. When I watched him

 throw three free throws, I could see he has good form.

 They beat the Thunders by 9 points.

C: I hope he will develop as a basketball player in his team and eventually

 become a franchise player for D.C. That way, he can contribute

 a lot to the Japanese team in international competitions and represent

 Japan well in the NBA.

R: Sometimes, I hear that when I watch the NBA. What's a “franchise player”?

 Does that mean he’s the best in his team?

C: Not necessarily. You see, a “franchise player” is an important part of

 a sports team. He may not be the best in the team, but the team,

 as well as the management, knows that he has the potential to be

 the best and they can build the franchise around him in

  the foreseeable future.

R: He’ll be like a core member of the organization. The face of</