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英語の記事を毎週読むのが英語上達に役立つ No.849



    A GV talking about coming in late to class…

A - Aomame                     N - Nataka

A : Nataka, why are you late today?

N : I walked. I have an injury in my leg.

A : Well, I’m sorry to hear that but yesterday

   you also came late to class.

N : We were held up in a traffic jam.

A: I understand, but I will not excuse you hereafter.

      How many marks did you score in English I paper?

N : I scored 60%.

A : In the second paper?

N : I scored 48%.

A : Maybe your tardiness is affecting your studies.

N : I shall try to improve.


late      遅刻の、遅れた

injury     怪我、負傷

traffic jam   交通渋滞

excuse        許す、容赦する

hereafter     今後、これから先

scored        得点する

tardiness     遅刻

improve       改善する

●Comprehensive Questions

1. Why was Nataka late today?

 a. Traffic congestion

 b. Leg injury

2. Why was Nataka late yesterday?

 a. Traffic jam

 b. Family emergency

2. Why should Nataka improve?

 a. Because his tardiness is affecting his studies

 b. Because he is being rude