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■Are Bakers Bad at Counting?

Characters: C - Chan; K - Kimura

A GV and a learner in class talking about bread

K: I always make it a point to eat breakfast in the morning

  before going to work.

C: As one of the most worn-out proverb parents tell their

  kids says, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

  What do you usually eat for breakfast?

K: A typical Japanese breakfast. I usually have tamago kake

  gohan. It’s hot rice topped with raw egg. Since the rice is

  still hot, the raw egg gets cooked a bit. I add soy sauce and

  Japanese seasoning called furikake.

C: Ohh. I’ve been eating egg on rice since I was a kid.

I learned it from my mother. Some people find it unusual

but I’m quite fond of it. I don’t add anything, though.

Just raw egg on rice is enough for my taste.

K: What’s a typical breakfast like in your country?

C: I’d say it’s a fifty-fifty between rice and bread. Actually,

  I’m more of a bread person, myself.

K: I like bread, too. I also like having shokupan for breakfast.

  It’s Japanese milk bread. My favorite is ampan or red bean bun.

C: Sounds tasty!

K: While we’re on the subject, I noticed something peculiar

  while I was in the UK. Normally, when I buy a dozen eggs,

  a dozen pencils, or a dozen of anything, I get twelve pieces.

  But when I bought a baker’s dozen of bread, I was given 13.

 I returned the extra but the shop owner said there was

no mistake.

C: You must be wondering, “are bakers bad at counting?”.

  Hahaha. One story that goes about it from time immemorial is

as follows: In medieval times, the price of bread was