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英語の記事を毎週読むのが英語上達に役立つ 豊かな国は25倍速でワクチン接種、でも日本は?











■A Woman of Freedom

A GV and a learner talk about the Statue of Liberty.

J - Janice, N - Namie

J: Hi, Namie. You look great!

N: Thank you. I guess finally taking a vacation improves

  one’s appearance.

J: I’m thrilled that you were able to let your hair down

for a week. How was your vacation?

N: The past few weeks were very busy, so I really welcomed

this break. I traveled alone to New York. It was quite fun.

And it was a great opportunity to improve my English.

J: What places did you visit?

N: Well, first I visited the Empire State Building.

I believe it’s a must-see if you go to New York.

After that, I visited the Statue of Liberty.

J: That sounds terrific!

N: It truly was. I think that was my favorite part of

the trip. We rode a ferry and we could only view her .

from a distance. The statue looked very imposing

  yet ethereal in the rain.

J: Did you know that Lady Liberty was originally brown?

N: Really? I was not aware of that.

J: Yeah, she is actually made of copper. They say she has

enough copper to make 30 million pennies.

N: How did she turn green?

J: Science is not my best subject, but I’ll try to explain.

Since the Statue of Liberty is surrounded by water and

completely exposed to oxygen, the beautiful green color

is the result of a chemical reaction.