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英語の記事を毎週読むのが英語上達に役立つ ジェンダーギャップ世界トップ10の国は?










今週の英語の記事は、WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM が発表したジェンダーギャップの記事で、世界のトップ10の国についての記事もあります。

■Take Things for Granted

Characters: C - Chan; H: Hina

A GV and a learner in class talking about a documentary.

C: Hi, Hina. So, what are you working on these days?

H: I saw a documentary last night on the internet.

C: Documentary? About what?

H: About education.

C: Sounds neat.

H: Since I saw it, I’ve been curious and started

researching about education in third-world countries.

C: Interesting. So, tell me what you found out.

H: It's really a tough situation for them. Many children

don't have opportunities to get education. And

according to international organizations, girls

don't even get a chance just because of their gender.

C: Wow. That's so sad. We really have to appreciate what we

have and the things we get to enjoy just because we

were born in a more fortunate situation.

H: I agree. We shouldn't take things for granted.


Documentary            ドキュメンタリー

Curious               好奇心

Third-world countries       第三世界の国々

Tough              タフ、強い

Get a chance           チャンスがある

Gender             性別

Wow (used in a bad/sad situation) わぁ (悪い状況、悲しい状況で使われる)