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英語の記事を毎週読むのが英語上達に役立つ 私が動物だったらヤギになりたい











■The Beef with Beef (and Other Animal Products)

J - Janice, S - Shizuo

A GV and a learner talk about animal cruelty.

J: ...So we adopted a dog, and we named her Missy.

She’s really cute and playful.

S (smiles): That sounds wonderful. I really love animals.

J: Me, too. (pause) You know, if I were an animal, maybe

I’d want to be a goat.

S (laughs): Why a goat?

J: They are very resilient creatures. They climb mountains

on a daily basis, but they are undeterred by rocky cliffs.

S: I see.

J: How about you? If you were an animal, what would you be?

S: know what, that’s a difficult question.

J: Oh, okay. Well, what animal would you not want to be?

S: Ah, that’s much easier. I definitely don’t want to be a farm animal.

Livestock are very much vulnerable to animal abuse.

J: Because of their meat?

S: Even before they are slaughtered, farm animals experience

a lot of pain. Do you know why we have so many dairy products?

J: Because of the high demand, right?

S: Yes, and to meet that high demand, cows have to be artificially

inseminated. Dairy cows need to be impregnated every year

in order to produce a constant supply of milk.