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英語の記事を毎週読むのが英語上達に役立つ ミヤンマーのクーデターと森会長のニュースが世界で拡散










■Break the Ice

A - Alwyn H - Hinata

L(Hinata) talks about her first day at her new culinary job

A: How was your first day at work?

H: It was exhilarating! My colleagues were a blast and

I also learned a lot today.

A: That’s good to know, I hope you’ve been honing your

knife skills. I remember you mentioning that you aren’t

good with knives.

H: I managed to refine my skills during the winter break,

although I’m still lagging behind when it comes to speed.

I’m lucky we have tools that allow us to catch up with

 poor knife skills.

A: Oh really now, what kind of special tools do you use?

H: It’s not that special, as a matter of fact, the tools we

use can be normally found in the kitchen!

A: Does that mean I can make those grandiose dishes that

you make?

H: I wouldn’t describe them like that (laughs modestly),

but yes you can.

A: Hold on, I think we’re getting off-topic here, tell me more

about your colleagues.

H: Sorry about that! Hmm… They’re great and they really work