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英語の記事を毎週読むのが英語上達に役立つ パンデミックにつけ込んでイスラム国が復活!? 









日本では中東のニュースなどあまり入ってきませんが、国連がパンデミックを利用してイスラム国が復活思想だと懸念していることをトルコのニュースTRT WORLDが伝えています。


■Cut Me Some Slack!

Characters: Y- Yana D- Danny

Yana goes home after work on a Wednesday night…

Y: Hey, why are the throw pillows on the floor?

D: Ah, that? I think I nudged them out of the sofa

while watching TV.

Y: Right. And why are there unfinished beer bottles

on the coffee table?

D: Well, I’ve been binge-drinking after arriving home,

so I don’t know which one’s finished or what.

Y: O-kay… Have you cooked dinner yet?

D: No.

  (Taro, their dog, approaches Yana, and scratches her foot)

Y: Have you given Taro his food yet?

D: Nope. He can eat later.

Y: But he has a schedule. He’ll get sick if he doesn’t eat

on time, and it was your turn to feed him!

D: I can do it later.

Y: Are you sure you’re gonna do it?

(Danny gave out an exasperated sigh)

D: Can you cut me some slack just for today? I’m not

in any position to do any of those chores right now.

Y: And why is that?

D: I’ve just been reprimanded by my boss today.

I did my best to meet the deadline and gave him my

output promptly, but he said my proposal was not good

enough. He said I should redo it and gave me this Friday

as my deadline!

Y: I’m sorry to hear that. It must have been tough on you.

D: You can say that again. So for tonight, I just want to

rest my mind and relax, please.

Y: Oh well. In that case, let’s have pizza for dinner tonight.

My treat.

D: Really? Oh wow! That’d be awesome!

Y: I’ll call delivery real quick. Oh, and feed Taro

while I’m at it!


throw pillow      クッション        

nudge      小突く 

binge       度を過ごした楽しみ

binge drink    暴飲

~or what     ~それとも他に何か

approach     アプローチ

on time 時間通り

turn       廻る

exasperated       苛立たしげ

sigh       溜息をつく

cut (someone) so me slack  手を抜く、勘弁してもらう

not in any position to~   ~には及ばない

reprimand        叱責

meet (a/the) deadline   期限を守る

output          出力

promptly         速やかに

redo           やり直す

It must have been tough on you. つらかったでしょう

You can say that again まったくその通り      

My treat            私のおごり

while (someone’s) at it    している間に

●Comprehension Questions:

1. Why were the throw pillows on the floor?

a. Danny threw them on the floor.

b. Danny nudged them away from the sofa.

c. Danny punched them out of the sofa.

2. What was Danny doing after arriving home?

a. Binge-watching

b. Binge-drinking

c. Binge-eating